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Persona Creation for B2B Startups

Why create Customer Personas? It helps you create good copy.

‍You cannot create good copy without having a Customer Persona to base it on. Without good copy you cannot convince, convert and establish relationships with your leads and customers.

‍With copy you motivate your leads to continue their journeys, and funnels, with your product or service.

In this book I will teach you a structured approach on how to collect the thoughts and feelings of people about a certain topic without having actual contact with them. 

All the information you need is out there, you just need to know where to look and how to use that information. When you do you will be able to create customer journeys that your target audience will resonate with and drawn into.

Once you understand what it takes to move a person from No to Yes based on their beliefs about your product or service it will outline all the copy you need to create for all content types:

‍- Blog posts

- Video content

- Social media posts

- Ad copy and creative

- Landing page copy

- Call to actions

- Email conversion sequences

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Persona Creation for B2B Startups

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